Four prosecuted after violent attack on Alexandra Road

Four prosecuted after violent attack on Alexandra Road

Four people have been prosecuted after three Grimsby men launched a violent attack on a fourth Scunthorpe man who was living on Alexandra Road, Grimsby, at the time of the offence.

The high-profile incident took place on Alexandra Road in Grimsby on December 5 last year.

Three Grimsby men, Callum Bennett, 26, Dalton Raworth, 27, and Jack Turrell, 25, launched an attack which involved machetes and a baseball bat, on another man because he owed one of them money.
The fourth man, Ryan Riley, 27, admitted using threatening behaviour. It is alleged that he owed Raworth money, which is what prompted the incident.
At Grimsby Crown Court, Bennett, Raworth and Turrell admitted affray and criminal damage.
Four prosecuted after violent attack on Alexandra Road
Callum Bennett
Four prosecuted after violent attack on Alexandra Road
Dalton Raworth
Four prosecuted after violent attack on Alexandra Road
Jack Turrell
One man suffered two serious head wounds from a machete following acts of drink and drug fuelled violence.
The court were told that the three men went by car which had no number plates on it, and parked outside Riley’s house.

Raworth went inside the house in Alexandra Road, Grimsby, and there was a confrontation with Riley, who initially defended himself, and the situation deteriorated.

Turrell and Bennett got out of the car and both went to the house. There was a commotion when Turrell opened the door.

Both men tried to get inside and there was a fight outside involving knives.

Armed police attended the scene and surrounded the property.
All four men were arrested at gunpoint.

Bennett had convictions for 23 previous offences, including assault, criminal damage and threatening behaviour and Turrell had convictions for 43 previous offences, including affray, possessing an imitation firearm, possessing a blade and criminal damage.

Raworth had a conviction for drink-driving and two cautions.

All four have now been prosecuted following the violent attack on Alexandra Road, in which the court heard that it was pure luck alone which meant that nobody was killed.

Bennett was jailed for two years, Raworth for 14 months and Turrell for 13 months.

Riley was also jailed for three months

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