Couple donate over 2000 hours supporting Humberside Police

Couple donate over 2000 hours supporting Humberside Police

Couple donate over 2000 hours supporting Humberside Police

A local couple have donated over 2000 hours providing volunteer support to Humberside Police’s Operation Galaxy team.

One of the key aims of Operation Galaxy is to protect vulnerable people.

This includes victims of domestic abuse and children that are at risk of being exploited.

In addition to those employed by Humberside Police, the team are supported by a number of volunteers.

One couple have contributed over 2000 hours of their time in support of Humberside Police.

Tony and Joan registered to volunteer for the force in 2018 after they both retired.

Their volunteering experience has ranged from knocking on doors and asking people to take part in HumberTalking surveys, to contacting victims of crime to offer them advice and support.

The pair have also acted in training exercises to help new officers develop the skills they need to keep our streets safe.

Many of these officers are now out on the streets, helping with Operation Galaxy and tackling crime.

One of Tony and Joan’s most loved causes is the #NoMoreKnives campaign, a project funded through the Early Intervention Youth Fund by the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner.

The pair have travelled to schools across the force teaching young people about the dangers of carrying a knife.

Tony and Joan said that they actually got into volunteering for the force by accident, having originally volunteered for the Yorkshire 4×4 Response.

As part of one initiative, Tony and Joan were required to register as police volunteers, which they did, and since that day they have never looked back.

In two years they have become valued members of the Humberside Police family, helping teams across the force to keep our communities safe.

Tony and Joan said that they get a huge amount of satisfaction out of helping, knowing that volunteering to conduct surveys, speak to victims or teach kids about the dangers of knife crime frees officers up to get involved in operations such as Op Galaxy, attend incidents, investigate reports and tackle crime.

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