Humberside Police tackle nuisance bikes in Northern Lincolnshire

Humberside Police tackle nuisance bikes in Northern Lincolnshire

Humberside Police tackle nuisance bikes in Northern Lincolnshire

As part of Operation Yellowfin, Humberside Police have taken more nuisance bikes off the streets in Northern Lincolnshire.
They have said that they are continuing to tackle dangerous riding and antisocial behaviour in the area.
Officers and Special Constables are patrolling hot spots in Grimsby, Scunthorpe and surrounding areas.
This includes Weelsby Woods, Bradley Pitches, Bradley Park, the Willows, Westcliff Estate, Burringham Field, Crosby and Everest Road Field.
Officers are issuing warnings, issuing Traffic Offence Reports, and seizing bikes.
Sergeant Darryl Caroline, from the Grimsby West neighbourhood team said:

“We know that nuisance bikes are an issue which is really important to you and we are not letting off the pressure on those who chose to use motorbikes to cause disruption and get involved in antisocial behaviour.

“We’re continuing to take action wherever we can, seizing bikes that have been stolen or are being ridden dangerously or illegally and identifying those involved so they can be arrested and dealt with.

“Your support and information is vital in helping us to do this and our officers are out there gathering the information we need to take action.

“We’re also doing more random stop checks to ensure riders’ documents are in order and offer crime prevention advice to stop people riding legitimately losing their bikes to thieves.

“What we have also found more recently is that many riders we encounter are trying to do everything right – their bikes are legally owned with the right insurance in place and they  are wearing proper safety equipment.

“However, they have been unaware that they’re not entitled to ride in certain areas or that they’re disturbing others and have been more than happy to move away when we have spoken to them.”

Sergeant Will Harrison from the Scunthorpe urban team added:

“We’re doing a lot of work to identify where these bikes are being stored and carry out searches, so that we can seize them and deal with the riders in a way that minimises the risk to the wider community.

“Again, you can really make a difference by letting us know if you see them being taken into properties or alleyways near you, so if you have any information, please let us know.

“We’re also continuing to work with local garages to speak to staff and display posters about restricting petrol sales to suspicious riders.”

You can contact Humberside Police via their non emergency number 101.

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