Humberside Police praise BLM protestors

Humberside Police praise BLM march organisers

Humberside Police praise BLM protestors

Humberside Police have issued a statement on the Black Lives Matter demonstration which took place in Cleethorpes today.

This afternoon, Cleethorpes seafront was the setting for a demonstration during which hundreds of protestors marched peacefully, before kneeling in silence for several minutes as a show of respect.

Officers for Humberside Police have praised BLM protestors and organisers for protesting peacefully.

Unfortunately, two people were arrested for assaulting officers.

Neither of them were involved in the BLM march.

The demonstration began at Cleethorpes Leisure centre.

Protestors marched with banners and signs, before gathering on the beach.

Large crowds of spectators formed along the promenade. Another group also formed at the RAF memorial/memorial gate.

Unfortunately, a small group of anti-protestors also attended.

They came onto the beach and began throwing sand at Police Officers while attempting to provoke protestors.

Police officers formed a line between the two groups.

Speaking after the demonstration, assistant Chief Constable Chris Noble said:

“I am pleased to share that today’s protest in Cleethorpes was largely peaceful.

“However, a small group of people, not protesting as part of Black Lives Matter, decided to use the protest as an opportunity to behave inappropriately, threatening and assaulting officers.

“Two people have been arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer, they remain in our custody at this time.

“I would like to say thank you to the event organisers as well as the vast majority of those that attended for protesting peacefully.”

Humberside Police worked closely with organisers of the Black Lives Matter march to ensure that the event remained peaceful and safe.

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