Local mental health worker and actress creates moving YouTube series

Locked Down, a unique YouTube series.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists have recently reported the worrying news that people with no history of mental illness (or prior concerns surrounding their mental wellness) have suddenly started developing serious psychological problems.  These issues are being attributed to growing stresses over isolation, job insecurity, relationship breakdown and bereavement.

Oxfordshire local, Laura Poon, is no stranger to mental health.

Laura is a mental health worker, as well as an actress.   Once lockdown began, she realised that she had a unique opportunity to use her first hand knowledge of mental health, as well as her acting networks, to create something she hoped would help, inspire and educate.

‘Locked Down’ is a YouTube series directed by Laura that, whilst designed to be entertaining, has underlying themes of mental health and depicts individuals suffering from long term mental health issues.

The series enlists a team of local actors who rallied together with Laura to create the series.

Each episode has been been written, rehearsed, filmed and edited in over the course of a single week, and due to physical distancing measures, the filming has been done over zoom – with actors never actually working together in the same room.

The hope is that the series will assist anyone who wants to learn more about mental health, especially at this time when mental health is such a prominent subject.

Laura has organised a ‘Watch Party’ for the release of their sixth episode on 28 June 2020.  After the episode has been aired, the entire production and acting cast will be hosting a live Q&A.

Laura is hoping that people watch the episodes, not only to support local actors during this difficult time, but also to gain more insight around mental health issues, in particular schizophrenia.
The series includes the following:
  • Laura Poon, Actor, director and writer.
  • Paul Ekert,  Film editor and script editor.
  • Toria Frazer as Rose
  • Liv Frazer as Mary
  • Andy Norton as Jason
  • Steve Walker as Mitch
  • Kathie DeCouto as Lisa
  • Paul Norton as Hugh
  • Joanne Lindsay as Lucy
  • Daniel Mosqueiro Irving as Max

Laura Poon, image supplied.

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