Humber Bridge toll booths to reopen

Humber Bridge toll booths to reopen

Humber Bridge toll booths to reopen

It has been announced that the toll booths at Humber Bridge are set to reopen on Monday 29 June.

The booths closed shortly after lockdown began, on Sunday 29 March, as part of measures to reduce the spread of Covid-19.

During this period, anybody crossing the bridge has been entitled to use the Tag lane, and to pay online.

A spokesperson for Humber Bridge has assured both customers and employees that it is now safe to reopen, with new measures in place.

Only four toll booths will be open at any one time.

The footpaths will remain open.

Humber Bridge employees will not be accepting cash payments when they reopen.

Anybody wishing to continue paying online will have to apply for an account online.

In a statement released today, a spokesperson for the Humber Bridge said:

“We have now carried out the appropriate risk assessment in accordance with government guidance to be ‘COVID Secure’ and have put in the place the relevant measures to ensure both customers and staff are safe.

“As the country is starting to return to normal, following the recent government announcements about the ‘Lockdown Exit Plan’ and more people are going back to work, we also wanted to offer customers more options to pay.”

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