Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband fears she may have to move to care home

Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband fears she may have to move to care home

Dame Barbara Windsor’s husband of 20 years, worries she may soon have to move into a care home because her Alzheimer’s has worsened.

Windsor’s husband Scott Mitchell, 57, has revealed a specialist has told him that it may no longer be possible for the former soap star to stay at home.

Windsor, 82, was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s in 2014 and is currently being care for at home by her husband.

In an ITV interview, Scott Mitchell told her friend and EastEnders son Ross Kemp he was given a “stark warning from her specialist”.

Mitchell said he has been told to prepare himself for no longer being able to look after her at home.

He said:

“At some point it may not be sustainable to give her the kind of care she needs at the house.

“It’s horrible, it’s the thing I’ve always feared. I’ve had some fairly dark moments since he said that. Because there is a part of me that knows that that is the truth and that is the most likely to happen.

“But there is another part of me which can’t imagine letting her go. I can’t imagine leaving her when she talks to me the way she does. And putting her somewhere and her thinking ‘Why has he done this?”

Mitchell also said he was scared of giving his wife coronavirus, after concerns that he had caught some sort of “virus” shortly after the UK went into lockdown.

“I didn’t have the cough but I had every other symptom. I was not well. My biggest fear at that point was that I was going to give it Barbara,”

“Now that we’re where we are, which is six years after diagnosis, it’s a very common thing for me to sit with Barbara at night, firstly her never having a clue that we are actually in our own home.

“She looks around suddenly and says, ‘Why are there pictures of me in this house?”

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