Heat-health watch alert raised to level two

The heat-health watch alert has been raised to level two this week after forecasts show temperates will rise above 30 degrees in many parts of the UK.

A level two alert level is assigned if there’s a high chance that an average temperature of 30C by day and 15C overnight will occur over the next 2 to 3 days.

The Met Office are currently reporting that there is an 80% probability of the UK reaching these temperatures between 9am on Wednesday and 9pm on Friday.

The NHS warn that temperatures similar to those we are set to experience this week, can significantly affect people’s health, especially if temperatures do not fall during the night.

The warmer start to the week, combined with fine, sunny conditions forecast for Wednesday and Thursday will lead to increased chances of thunderstorms, but we are told that despite the storms, there will be little in the way of relief from the heat.

Friday’s temperature will remain high, delivering a more general risk of thunderstorms across England, before the weekend brings a cool transition back to more manageable temperatures.

Whilst the shift to a level two alert does not call for any immediate action from the public, the NHS do advise people to stay tuned to weather updates and, if possible, to complete a ‘beat the heat’ checklist and to be as prepared as possible for the warmer weather.

For those concerned, further advice on how to reduce the risk either for yourself or somebody you know can be obtained from the Heatwave Plan for England page, from your doctor or local chemist, or ring NHS 111.

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