Man jailed after harassing sister-in-law and breaching restraining order

Man jailed after harassing sister-in-law and breaching restraining order

Man who harassed his sister-in-law and repeatedly breaching a restraining order has been jailed.

Stephen Rodgers, 59, was issued with a restraining order which stated he could not directly or indirectly contact the victim, a woman in her 50s.

At 3pm on 10th December, he harassed the victim inside the women’s toilets at the Bretton Centre.

He shouted at her and then stood waiting for her outside.

Rogers followed the victim and sat with her on a nearby bench asking her private questions before starting to try and hit her.

Members of the public attempted to intervene, but Rodgers grabbed her and stopped her from getting away.

A member of the public called police and he was arrested at the scene.

Two days later, whislt on bail Rogers contacted the victim again and went to her house.

He knocked on the woman’s door and shouted at her, before speaking for a brief moment.

Fearing he would get caught again, Rodgers was scared away when he saw a car park close by.

He said to the victime “I’ll be back” before leaving.

On 15th December at about midday, Rodgers returned to the victim’s address.

The woman ignored the knocks and waited 30 minutes before leaving the house to walk her dog.

When the victim turned the corner, Rodgers was there waiting and made attempts to talk to her.

She ignored him and turned back home.

Later that day, when the victim went to the Bretton Centre to get cash out, Rodgers again began harassing her and telling her he hadn’t eaten all day. In an attempt to get away, the victim gave him £20 and left the area.

Police were called and Rodgers, of no fixed address, was arrested again later that day.

Rodgers has admitted five counts of breaching the restraining order and was sentenced to 13 months in prison at Peterborough Crown Court on Thursday 18th June.

DC Greg Trippett said:

“Rodgers showed complete disregard for the order imposed upon him and continued to harass the victim on several occasions.

“He has not stopped in his efforts to contact this woman and I hope his time behind bars gives him the opportunity to reflect on his actions.

“I hope this case shows that we will continue to do all that we can to safeguard victims.”

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