Pensioner mugged by Doncaster ex-serviceman

Pensioner mugged by Doncaster ex-serviceman

Pensioner mugged by Doncaster ex-serviceman

An ex-serviceman and prisoner from Doncaster is reported to have mugged a terrified pensioner in Rotherham town centre.

Steven Elliot grabbed the 72-year-old man on Bridgegate, at midday on February 25, last year, after his victim collected his pension.

The man recognised Elliot, because they used to live in the same social housing complex.

The victim fought back, but was overpowered and then robbed by Elliot.

Steven Elliot then headed towards the bus station, taking £105 in cash, before discarding the wallet.

The pensioner followed Elliot towards the bus station.

“Stop following me or I will knock you out,” Elliot told his victim.

He denied the robbery, but was identified in a parade, and pleaded not-guilty last November.

He then subsequently changed his plea before a trial in March.

The court heard he has 136 previous convictions for 327 offences, mostly for theft.

In July 2017 Steven Elliot received 20 months for robbery.

Prior to his arrest, he was seeking help for a drug addiction.

Judge Sarah Wright told Elliot, 46, currently of HMP Doncaster, that he had made “significant strides” to address his drug addiction.

“I am impressed by the thought you have given to this and the plans you have begun to make for your life outside custody.

She sentenced him to 20 months in prison.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Elliot beg the judge for a longer sentence which he claimed would allow him to tackle his drug addiction.

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