Now, Smith has had a quarter cut off a planned 16-month sentence because of recent advice to courts that the pandemic was a reason to reduce prison terms, meaning that his sentence was reduced to a year.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how Smith stole an electric razor, valued at £85, from a Boots branch in Scunthorpe.

He also stole toys and a rucksack, valued at £34.89, from the Asda store on Burringham Road, Scunthorpe, after leaving through a fire door.

He was circulated as wanted by the police but handed himself in on May 29.

Smith had not completed any of the 100 hours’ unpaid work or 20 days rehabilitation previously ordered.

He was subsequently jailed for a year.

The sentence would have been 16 months if the suspended sentence had been activated in full.

But it was pointed out recent advice to courts that prison terms could be reduced because of the coronavirus crisis and conditions in prisons.

This led to Smith’s sentence being reduced by a quarter.