Updated restrictions at Hull hospitals

Updated restrictions at Hull hospitals

Updated restrictions at Hull hospitals

Hull University Teaching Hospitals Trust have issued updates rules on the restrictions for visitors at hospitals in Hull.

The rules for people not visiting coronavirus patients are set to change.

As of Wednesday 25 March, all visits to patients at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital were being stopped.

This was in line with advice issued by the government, intended to protect staff and patients during the coronavirus crisis.

Exceptions were made for those receiving end-of-life care, the birthing partners of women in labour, and one parent for children in our paediatric wards and neonatal intensive care unit.

This meant that although fathers could be present for the births of their children, they were unable to visit the postnatal ward.

However, these restrictions are being lifted as lockdown eases.

The strict restrictions on visitors to hospitals in Hull are gradually being lifted, although visitors will still have to practice social-distancing and wear masks.

Both parents will now be able to visit their babies in hospital after they are born.

Patients receiving end-of-life care will also be able to receive two visitors at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital.

One parent can also now be present at all times if their child is on the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

Patients with dementia or learning difficulties can also now receive one visitor.

Discussing the upcoming changes, Chief Nurse Beverley Geary said:

“These actions are taken in the best interests of our patients, their loved ones and our staff.

“When it’s safe and we are certain no one will be in danger, we will do everything we can to lift all restrictions on visiting. But we are not at that point yet.

“Covid-19 is still a real threat to all of us. We’ve already lost more than 180 lives in our hospital, including two of our own staff.

“We understand how hard it is for you not to see your loved ones when they come into hospital or have them with you after you’ve had your baby or undergone your procedure or operation.

“Please be patient and understand we’re not doing this because we want to make life difficult, awkward or upsetting for you.

“We’re doing it because we need to keep you, all of our patients and our staff safe from this dreadful disease which continues to claim so many lives.”

People are still unable to visit coronavirus patients, except in exceptional circumstances.

Those experiencing symptoms of the virus should not visit under any circumstances.

This follows months of strict visiting restrictions at Hull’s hospitals.

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