Boris Johnson to allow ‘staycations’ from July 4th.

With the end to lockdown now in sight, many Brits are hastily planning their summer vacations.

Whilst the proposed ‘travel bubble’ will likely see uninhibited travel between the UK and destinations like Spain, France and Greece, many Brits are taking a more reserved approach when it comes to booking a summer getaway.

As well as the existing quarantine rules and safety concerns involved with travelling overseas, many Brits have suffered a severe economic hit due to reduced wages or the loss of jobs.  For many, this means that holidays abroad are likely to fall under the ‘luxury we can’t afford’ category.

In addition, there’s no secret that the British economy has taken a huge hit, with many Brits deciding to ‘holiday at home’ this year in an attempt to boost the local economy.  In fact,  As of 3 June 2020, figures estimate the British tourism industry will receive at least 25.3 million less visitors, with an estimated loss of almost £20b in tourism revenue, a loss of around 60%.

Whilst projection figures shows that domestic tourism will also be lower this year, the numbers are not as severe, with a projected loss of just 25%.  To combat this and to reduce that figure even further, many campaigners are pushing for Brits to holiday at home, injecting much needed ‘home grown’ funds into the British economy.

One company, encouraging Brits to holiday at home, is the home-swapping site, Love Home Swap.   Home swapping is a vacation alternative where you stay at someone’s home while they stay at yours, and has been gaining popularity in recent years.

To inspire Brits to travel locally, Love Home Swap are promoting range of homes that they feel are “doppelgängers” for getaway experiences in over countries.

From a Scottish Castle that resembles a German Schloss, a Cornwall cabin that looks as if it’s landed directly from a Scandinavian forest or a houseboat on the Thames that gives off cool Amsterdam vibes, the company claim that swapping homes is a fantastic way to travel on a budget, whilst also trying something new.

Célia Pronto, Managing Director of Love Home Swap explains,

“While many of our members’ homes in the UK have a distinctly British character, there are others that look like they’re from another country. Although we can’t recreate the weather in other countries, we can give Britons the chance to staycation in a property that feels a little more exotic and international in its appearance.”

Back in May 2020, Patricia Yates, acting chief executive of VisitBritain addressed MPs about the importance of domestic tourism and the need for Brits to holiday locally.  She said,

“To get British tourism up and running this summer, and this summer is hugely important, you are going to need that domestic audience,”

This move to holiday locally has been supported across the UK Government, with Tory MP Brandon Lewis who serves as Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, adding,

“I would encourage people to look around the fantastic resorts and sites we’ve got in the United Kingdom.”

The full list of exciting ‘Homes from Away’ properties, compiled by Love Home Swap, is as follows:

  1. Scottish castle near Loch Lomond(doubles for a German Schloss)
  2. English farmhouse(doubles for a French chateau)
  3. Highland chalet (doubles for a Swiss log cabin)
  4. Wood cabin in Newquay, Cornwall(doubles for a Scandinavian cabin)
  5. Modern beach house in Poole, Dorset(doubles for a Californian beach house)
  6. Houseboat on the Thames(doubles for an Amsterdam houseboat)
  7. Flat in Chiswick(doubles for a Miami beach house)

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

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