Police injured during illegal street party in Brixton 

Police injured during illegal street party in Brixton

Last night twenty-two police officers were injured following an illegal street party in Brixton.

Social media footage showed a line of police retreating from crowds of people running towards them with makeshift weapons on Overton Road near the Angell Town estate.

Bottles were thrown at the officers and two men were seen on top of a police vehicle smashing in the windscreen with a table leg and their feet.

Two officers were taken to hospital for treatment.

Police vehicles were also damaged during the clash.

Officers were called after complaints were made by residents about noise and violence.

Four people were arrested for assault and public order offences and remain in custody.

A dispersal order had been put in place earlier in the day and police officers tried to encourage the crowd to leave.

The Mayor of London Sadiq Khan commented on last night’ss events:

“Violence against the police will not be tolerated.

“Large gatherings during Covid-19 are deeply irresponsible and risk others’ lives.”

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