Weather blamed for collapse at Victoria Mills

Weather blamed for collapse at Victoria Mills

Weather blamed for collapse at Victoria Mills

Part of Victoria Street North was closed by police this morning after brickwork from Victoria Mills tumbled onto the road and pavement.

Now, the increasingly hot weather is being blamed for damage caused to the Victorian building.

At 140-years-old, Victoria Mills is one of Grimsby’s most iconic buildings.

At present, it is being partly used for flats, but a significant part remains largely abandoned.

The brickwork was above a fire entrance used by private flats in the building.

The bricks appeared to come from an awning above a ground floor entrance to the building.

The alarm was raised by one of the 140 people residents of the 77 flats attached to the old mills.

Hot weather has now been blamed for the structural damage.

But, few locals are surprised.

One tenant in Victoria Mills said:

“What do you expect in an old building? 

“They are generally well-maintained and the flats are in an ideal location but if someone got hit by one of those it is a hefty claim for someone.”

Victoria Mills is mostly owned by North East Lincolnshire Council, who completed a renovation two years ago following concerns about the building’s structural stability.

The road has now been reopened.

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