Concern over Doncaster drug craze

Concern over Doncaster drug craze

Concern over Doncaster drug craze

Officers for South Yorkshire Police are concerned over a potentially deadly drug craze which has emerged in a Doncaster village.

They say they are worried over the abuse of laughing gas canisters in Bentley.

Many of these canisters have been found discarded in Bentley Park.

A public appeal has been issued, requesting that residents report it to the police should they see any in the streets – particularly if they have not been used.

Phil Paish, of the Doncaster West neighbourhood policing team issued a community alert warning of the problem of gas canisters.

He said:

“We would like to make the community aware of the recent drug craze that’s happening in and around the Bentley area of Doncaster.

“They are widely available as they are used in catering such as whipped cream canisters. They are also similar to the canisters found in paint ball guns and air powered weapons which contain carbon dioxide, also fatal if inhaled.

“Nitrous oxide is used in medicine, commonly known as laughing gas, which when administered, gives a person a feeling of happiness and giddiness.

“It is extremely dangerous to be inhaling from such pressurised canisters and air can become trapped in your bloodstream or brain causing a serious risk to your health potentially resulting in death.

“We advise not to use these for this purpose as it is illegal under the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016 to supply nitrous oxide for human consumption.

“Please call 101 if you see any of these canisters in the streets, especially if they have not been used.”

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