Scunthorpe man smashes van into terrified ex’s house

Scunthorpe man smashes van into terrified ex's house

Scunthorpe man smashes van into terrified ex’s house

A Scunthorpe man has been prosecuted after he angrily smashed a Ford Transit van into the front of his terrified ex-girlfriend’s house.

It is alleged that the woman watched in horror as James Wetherill, 48, reversed a the vehicle into the front of her home.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how she and her daughter suddenly heard a loud noise as the van smashed into the front porch of the house and it was filled with petrol fumes.

The crash caused more than £24,000 of damage, and left the woman frightened to return to her home.

James Wetherill, 48, formerly of Scunthorpe, admitted damaging property, being reckless as to whether the lives of others were endangered, on March 22.

Wetherill had reversed a Ford Transit van the length of the driveway before driving it forward straight at the door of the house and hitting the porch area.

The door was dislodged in the incident.

“He used this vehicle as a weapon,” said Mr Evans, prosecuting.

“This a revenge attack within a domestic context. This van has been used as a weapon.”

The woman said that the incident had caused a “total uprooting” of her life emotionally and psychologically.

Wetherill’s victim said:

“I fear what he is capable of doing.

“Since this incident, my whole world has been turned upside down.

“His actions have terrified me and broken me emotionally. I can’t sleep at night because of it.”

Wetherill had four previous convictions for criminal damage.

He was jailed for three years, banned from driving for three years and handed an indefinite restraining order.

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