Works to continue on Alexandra Road

Works to commence on Alexandra Road

Works to continue on Alexandra Road

Around-the-clock works are to continue on Alexandra Road in Cleethorpes over the next three days, with increased access from Saturday 4 July.

The Alexandra Road work is part of the major regeneration programme.

Re-paving works will be completed on a key street as lockdown restrictions are eased further this weekend.

From the morning of July 4, there will be full access to the pathways right along the retail side of Alexandra Road.

Overnight works have made it possible for all of the one-way traffic restrictions to be lifted on Saturday.

Whilst work will continue after the weekend, the Council have assured residents that this should not impact upon the footpaths or two-way traffic flow.

It may, however, restrict the use of some of the parking bays with arrangements made to accommodate deliveries where possible.

The extended working hours over the next three days will ensure as much access as possible in and around Cleethorpes as local businesses begin to reopen.

Councillor John Fenty said:

“There is no doubt that we all must work together in whatever way we are able to look at how work patterns and methods can change to best suit the needs of businesses, whilst ensuring the major works we are doing are completed for the benefit of us all.”

Works will be completed by the Council’s regeneration partner ENGIE.

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