Historic Doncaster building to be sold

Historic Doncaster building to be sold

Historic Doncaster building to be sold

A historic listed landmark in Doncaster is set to go on the market for around £225,00, saving it from destruction.

Developer Surjit Duhre says he has now accepted that his previous plan, which was to demolish Balby Road Methodist Church and replace it with new flats, is no longer going ahead.

He is therefore looking to sell the Victorian landmark, with the site expected to go on the market for around £225,000.

Mr Duhre had appealed against the decision to list the building.

He has yet to hear an official verdict on his appeal, but has accepted that a demolition is very unlikely to go ahead.

Although Doncaster Council had previously approved the demolition, Mr Duhre added that the feedback he has received leads him to believe it will remain listed.

He said:

“They have explained why it’s been listed for a host of reasons.

“I can’t do what I’d planned now because of the rules, and I have lost my buyers.

“I’m not going to fight it further. Anything else is throwing more money down the drain. You have to respect the law.

“Now I need to find someone who will step up and take it on.”

It is thought that the site that the church is build on was significant in the signing the Treaty of Durham nearly 900 years ago.

As such, the building has been given given grade two listed status by Historic England.

Although this historic Doncaster building is eligible to be sold, it is feared that with no current historical interest in the building itself, it could stand empty for years, and fall into further disrepair.

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