School holidays in Doncaster

School holidays in Doncaster

School holidays in Doncaster

Doncaster Council have issued an update on school holiday patterns for the academic year 2021/22.

Earlier this year, a public consultation was carried out.

The Council requested opinions from parents, families, school staff and other groups on whether schools in Doncaster should look to keep the existing holiday pattern.

Or, whether to opt for one of a number of alternative options based on the feedback.

Following this consultation, Doncaster Council received over 7,000 responses with a clear preferred choice amongst them to change the existing school holiday pattern.

As such, the new school holiday pattern for 2021/22 will consist of a fixed Easter break with a two-week October half term and a five-week summer holiday, breaking up a week later than usual in July.

With this, the Council have plans to introduce the following dates for school closures:

  • October half term – 2 weeks
  • Christmas break – 2 weeks
  • February half term – 1 week
  • Easter/Early Summer break – 2 weeks –¬†this would always fall in the first full two weeks of April regardless of where the Easter holiday falls)
  • May half term – 1 week
  • Summer break – 5 weeks –¬†schools would break up a week later than usual in July

The new school holiday pattern will come into effect as of September 2021.

This will effect the 31 community schools in Doncaster that the council maintain.

Other schools and academies will be encouraged to adopt the same holiday pattern where possible.

Public responses have been largely mixed.

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