Gyms could reopen next week

Gyms could reopen next week

Gyms could reopen next week

Gyms and swimming pools could be set to reopen as soon as next week under the latest lockdown easing measures.

According to reports the Government is finalising plans that would see a number of new sectors reopen.

Many of these have been closed since the end of March due to Covid-19.

There is also speculation that the reopening of nail bars and beauty salons might be included in the latest measures.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is expected to reveal a timetable in the next few days.

This announcement comes as some sectors, notably the airline and fitness industries, claim they have been forgotten in terms of the government’s support package.

Many are warning of further job losses if action is not taken.

A source told the Daily Mail:

“Gyms have posed a particular challenge because of the nature of their business.

“They basically involve having a large number of people indoors, sharing equipment and getting out of breath.

“When you are dealing with a respiratory virus that is obviously a challenge.”

When non-essential retailers began reopening last month, they were under strict instruction to keep changing rooms shut.

This means that as they need to be ‘Covid-secure’, rules on gym and swimming pool opening are expected to be complex.

Changing rooms will almost certainly have to remain shut.

New distancing and hygiene measures are expected to be published within the next few days.

Many facilities have already begun implementing new measures in order to reopen as soon as updates are released and permission is granted.

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