Plans for hotel and restaurants at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Plans for hotel and restaurants at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Plans for hotel and restaurants at Yorkshire Wildlife Park

A committee has ruled that Doncaster’s Yorkshire Wildlife Park will be allowed to sell alcohol as plans for a hotel and restaurant on site were announced.

The move is part of wider expansion plans at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.

Doncaster Council’s licensing committee have approved the plans as part of a seven-hour virtual meeting.

The park had already been granted planning permission for a hotel, new restaurants and a conference centre.

A separate licensing application was needed for the sale of alcohol and the times in which events can be held.

A number of objections have been made by residents living close to the park.

Many cited noise and traffic as existing issues, and said that the plans would exacerbate the problem.

However, councillors moved to approve the application.

They have said that the licence would come under yearly review.

Plans also show that the indoor conference centre will be also used for sporting events.

One resident said the planned expansion would turn the park “more into an entertainment centre” than a zoo.

Bosses at Yorkshire Wildlife park were awaiting the outcome of the licensing hearing before any development plans are laid out for any potential construction.

They have now been given the go ahead.

Councillor Steve Cox, who also objected to the plans, said:

“My main objection is the traffic from Hurst Lane.

“All we requested was that a new independent traffic survey was conducted to put a lot of issues aside.

“I’ve got more to say but I’m at a loss because we sent this information out to try and make a decision on something and now we’re being told over and over again that it doesn’t make a difference.

“The residents have not been listened to for years and lots of different groups that have proved points of safety on Hurst Lane but none of it has been taken into account.

“As for the sound, it’s been said over and over again that there should be no audible noise from the boundary but it doesn’t make a difference.

“There is an ambient measurement, now we’re told there isn’t.”

The park announced the expansion plan back in 2017.

It is expected to create over 300 extra jobs.

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