Have your say on GP services during the crisis

Have your say on GP services during the crisis

Have your say on GP services during the crisis

Patients in Doncaster who have accessed healthcare support from their local GP during the coronavirus pandemic are being asked to report on their experiences.

Since the beginning of the outbreak, many practices have increasingly moved towards online and telephone services.

As this has prompted mixed responses, a new survey has been published by Healthwatch Doncaster.

Andrew Goodall, Healthwatch Doncaster Chief Operating Officer, said:

“We want to hear about your experiences of accessing a GP or Nurse appointment on the phone or through a video call during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“We want to share your voices and stories with staff who work in local practices so that you can help shape the future of how services will be delivered.”

Dr David Crichton, local GP & Clinical Chair, NHS Doncaster Clinical Commissioning Group, added:

“Coronavirus has brought about a lot of changes for the NHS.

“The introduction of video and online consultations is just one of the ways the NHS has responded to the Coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that NHS services remain open and available to people when they need them.

“Whilst online and video consultations are welcomed by many of our patients, we acknowledge some patients will find it more difficult.

“Coronavirus is expected to be with us for some time to come so access to local NHS services will need to continue using digital tools.

“It’s important we seek the views from all patients across Doncaster, we especially need to hear from those who would find it more challenging to use digital tools to access local services, our aim is to make things better and improve people’s experience of accessing medical services.”

Doncaster residents can have their say via the online survey.

Has your experience of GP services during the coronavirus pandemic been a positive one?

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