Humberside Police lockdown reports reach 17,000

Humberside Police lockdown reports reach 17,000

Humberside Police lockdown reports reach 17,000

Humberside Police received a peak of 900 calls a day regarding people breaking lockdown rules, and has totalled around 17,000 reports.

In March the force set up a dedicated online system to avoid the emergency lines being overwhelmed.

Chief Superintendent Darren Downs blamed the influx of concerned callers on “woolly” Government guidelines on social distancing, masks and other safe practice.

He said that the rules were far too open to interpretation and added that officers were focusing on serious or repeat offenders as it would be impossible to attend every complaint.

However, it has also been revealed that Humberside Police issued fewer fines than others forces for people breaking lockdown rules.

Chief Superintendent Downs added:

“When we went into lockdown at the beginning we created an online reporting system.

“At one point we were getting around 900 complaints a day. Different people were interpreting woolly rules differently.

“We monitored the log and if we got several calls about the same address or from the same complainant then community teams would go and visit.

“We’ve still got addresses causing us problems now but they were causing us problems six months ago.

“So far we’ve had around 17,000 online reports submitted. We’re not going to visit every one of those.

“The idea of what was classed as a breach was subjective and now social distancing rules are guidelines, so we don’t have any legal powers to enforce them.”

Chief Superintendent Downs added that the recent enhanced Operation Galaxy action had been an opportunity to “take back the streets”.

The team has seen more than 650 people arrested.

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