Plan for 41 homes in Doncaster village

Plan for 41 homes in Doncaster village

Plan for 41 homes in Doncaster village

Residents have widely objected to controversial plans to build 41 new homes on a green space in a village near Doncaster.

Martin Phillips, from Ongo Developments, has applied to Doncaster Council for permission to build a number of homes.

These would be situated between Broadway and Broadwater Drive in Dunscroft.

The land is currently owned by the council.

The council received 12 formal objections to the proposal from local residents.

They cited reasons such as the impact on natural wildlife habitat and an increased pressure on local services.

Mr Phillips’ plans includes a new access road from Broadwater Drive and extending the highway off Broadlands Close.

Doncaster Council’s planning officers have advised that the plans are approved, but that the applicant pays around £43,000 in a Section 106 agreement.

This would then be spent creating a habitat restoration project.

Hatfield Parish Council, who have no authority over the final decision, say that the plans are an “over intensive development” of the site.

DMBC tree and open space officers have also raised concerns.

Their planning officer, Dave Richards, said:

“The application is finely balanced as the development presents conflicting priorities for the council and, such is the case with many larger or more complex applications with on-site constraints, there would be some inevitable tension in achieving sustainable development.

“The social and economic benefits of the scheme are together considerable.

“The need for new affordable housing in the Borough and more widely, nationally, is undisputed and infill sites within existing residential areas are expected to take priority over greenfield sites.

“The benefits of allowing this development would significantly and demonstrably outweigh its adverse impacts.

“It would amount to sustainable development, bringing wider sustainability benefits to the community.”

Many of the proposed properties fall under the nationally described space standard.

The developer has therefore looked into increasing floor space but said it would add £400,000 to £500,000 in costs making the scheme unviable.

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