How to join Didcot Garden Town’s ‘Sounding Board’

Join the Board’s community ‘Sounding Board’ group to have your say.

On 13 July, the Didcot Garden Town Advisory Board formally welcomed Cllr Rita Atkinson (pictured below) from Sutton Courtenay Parish Council as new member of the board.

Cllr Atkinson’s role will be to represent the views of the five parish councils that sit mainly within the garden town area.

The plan had been to open the council’s advisory board meetings up for to residents to observe, but because of the COVID-19 outbreak, the previous meeting has been published online.

During the virtual meeting, the board members received an update from the county council on their work on the Housing Infrastructure Fund and the Science Vale cycling Network, Homes England provided information on the proposed Gateway development and the garden communities programme, and the Didcot Garden Town team updated members on the projects they’ve been working on since the last meeting.

The meeting is now available at

Mirroring the setup that other councils have in the Oxfordshire area, it is hoped that future meetings of the Board will be available for residents to watch live online. 

To be more actively involved with the subjects discussed at meetings, residents are being asked to submit questions for the board to respond to.  In addition, Board Members have also proposed the creation of what they are calling a ‘Sounding Board.’

Three of these ‘Sounding Boards’ will be created; one for business, one for residents and one for parish councils.

Anyone interested in joining the groups is invited to email the Board at

Photo by Giu Vicente on Unsplash

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