Man found dead in west Hull home

Man found dead in west Hull home

Man found dead in west Hull home

A man who assumed that he was simply suffering from the flu has tragically been found dead at his home in west Hull.

Christopher Evans was just 39 years old, and is described as a “loving family man who wanted to make everyone smile”.

Evans, of no fixed abode, sadly died of a drug overdose at a property in Woodcock Street on October 9 2019.

He had also been diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

Evans had been attempting to battle his additions via rehabilitation organisation Renew.

He continued to use their services up until his death.

Christopher Evans’ mother said he was “constantly battling his demons”.

Hull Coroners Court heard how Mr Evans had struggled with a drug addiction and mental health issues after his child was taken into care, and following the death of his elder brother.

On Tuesday, October 8, 2019, Christopher visited his sister at her home in Woodcock Street.

He complained of flu symptoms, and went to bed at 9pm, before being found to be unresponsive the following morning.

Emergency services pronounced Evans dead at the scene.

He was found to have high levels of methadone in his blood, as well as traces of cocaine, pregabalin and morphine.

The pathologist who conducted the postmortem said:

“The methadone level recorded was significant and would be high enough to cause death even in a tolerant individual.

“While the other sedative drugs present are likely to have acted synergistically with the methadone, the death in this case appears to be a direct result of opiate toxicity rather than cardiovascular effects relating to the use of cocaine.”

Addressing Evans’ family, Assistant Coroner Lorraine Harris added:

“Despite his addictions, Christopher was there for his family helping with chores and looking after those he loved.

“He just wanted to make everyone smile and enjoy life.”

“It was evident he was a very loving son and brother and you have my condolences at this very sad loss.”

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