RNLI in search for missing person

RNLI in search for missing person

RNLI in search for missing person

The Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) were called out twice during the night and in very quick succession, with one case involving a search for a missing person.

First, late yesterday evening, the RNLI were called to aid the rescue of two teenage girls who had become trapped on a sandbank by the incoming tide at Cleethorpes.

At around 22:00, a member of the public informed the Coastguard that three teenagers had been cut off by the incoming tide on the marshlands opposite the Leisure Centre.

This area of the coast is covered in hidden dangers such as deep creeks with deep mud, hidden holes creating a high risk of injury.

A search was carried out, and two girls were located.

They informed the crew that the third person had walked off the beach and was safe and well.

This was confirmed to be true, and the girls were returned to safety.

In a statement issued this morning, a spokesperson for the Cleethorpes Coastguard said:

“During the search, the lifeboat crew located people in the expected location of the youths, but it was not the casualties we were looking for.

“There was some confusion as to where the youths were due to conflicting reports from members of the public on the beach.

“We were in constant telephone contact with the youths and they were talked through adding the “What3Words” app onto their mobile phones.

“Once this had been done, we identified their location, RNLI Cleethorpes located the youths, but there were only two of them.

“The girls then informed us that one of them had walked off the beach and was safe and well. One of our team members spoke to the third youth and confirmed this to be true.

“The girls were returned back to safety in the lifeboat and were given suitable words of advice. They did not require any medical attention.”

In the early hours of this morning, at 01:58, the RNLI received another call in connection with a missing person case.

A search was then conducted for a vulnerable missing 41-year-old male, in Barton.

It was subsequently reported that Humberside Police had located him safe and well, and the crew stood down at 02:04hrs, just prior to leaving the station.

Both cases involved Search and Rescue teams from HM Cleethorpes Coastguard, HM Coastguard Donna Nook Rescue Team, HM Coastguard Hull and HM Coastguard Withernsea.

For the safety of the public, the Coastguard have issued a table of tide-times and urged people to exercise caution when in open waters.

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