Inquiry into death of Scunthorpe star

Inquiry into death of Scunthorpe star

Inquiry into death of Scunthorpe star

Following an inquiry into the death of Scunthorpe racing star Danny Ayres, 33, a court has heard how he endured a long mental health battle.

Mr Ayres died after a night of drinking and drug abuse, after several attempts at seeking help to cope with his emotional and mental health problems.

On the evening prior to his death, Danny’s drug use is thought to have spiralled into an argument with his partner Ms Pledge.

The following morning, on February 1, he was tragically found hanged in the family home where he, his partner and their two children lived.

Paramedics attended the scene, and alongside his partner Jodie Pledge, attempted to save Mr Pledge.

Sadly, they were unsuccessful.

Now, at an inquest in Ipswich, his family have revealed that despite attempts at seeking it, Danny had not received the help he needed to cope with his complex issues.

The court heard how Danny felt too embarrassed to accept help.

He has been struggling with drugs and found himself in a dark place when he wasn’t training. with the Scunthorpe Scorpians due to an injury.

His father David Ayres said that Danny found it difficult to come to terms with his mother’s death in 2017.

He added that Danny found the highs and lows of being a professional sportsman particularly challenging, and that he often turned to drugs and alcohol when he was feeling down.

Jodie Pledge said that during the racing season, Danny was “a training machine”.

She described him as being “perfect”.

“Out-of-season from October to March was an absolute struggle. He just couldn’t sit still, his brain never stopped,” she added.

Dr Manickasmy, a GP at Reynard Surgery, said he has spoken to Danny about his difficulties with his mental health and cocaine use.

He said that Danny had rejected antidepressants, and was referred to Turning Point, which helps with substance misuse.

There was no diagnosis of depression or anxiety.

A post-mortem found that although Mr Ayres had alcohol in his blood, he was not drunk.

He also tested positive for cocaine.

It was concluded that he died of suicide by hanging.

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