Anger as council reduce parking in Doncaster

Anger as council reduce parking in Doncaster

Anger as council reduce parking in Doncaster

Residents of an estate in Doncaster have expressed anger over a decision by Doncaster Council to reduce parking spaces.

They have said that they are “absolutely disgusted” with the council, who are alleged to have offered to repurpose the space in line with the plans of a private developer.

The redesign will be funded with section 106 money from a private developer who has plans to build a care home in Cantley.

The planning application for a 83-bed care home on green space off the Goodison Boulevard prompted major objections from residents last year, but was granted anyway.

Now, it is thought that the space will be used to build a footpath providing access to the site, a move away from the spaces where nearby residents currently park their cars.

Although the green space currently used for parking is not part of the development, the council have already released a notice ordering residents to cease parking their vehicles on the land.

Councillor Steve Cox said the council had not consulted residents on what the money should be spent on, adding that the council had ‘completely ignored’ all concerned parties.

He said:

“We’re really disappointed the way DMBC has treated residents on the estate – there has been no consultation on over the development and loss of parking.

“The residents feel some elderly and very vulnerable will be more socially isolated because of this by keeping them away from their vehicles as a means of them getting about.

“The use of Section 106 money should be consulted with ward councillors and it hasn’t been – we were told by strategic housing what it was going to be used for since day one, we went through a calling process and it was decided by the chair that the 106 money should be used but the council completely ignored that.

“Residents are absolutely disgusted by this move – the council are basically using this money to landscape it for a private developer. It’s going to cost more to maintain the footpath and what comes with it more than parking spaces which people actually want.

“I’m at a loss at how we’ve come to this point, it’s shocking what’s gone on.”
Assistant Director of Strategic Housing at Doncaster Council, Karen Lythe, responded saying:
“We understand that the local members and residents are disappointed that it has not been possible to provide any additional car parking spaces as part of this scheme.

“The landscaping works were a condition of the planning approval, so they must be carried out.

“The commuted sum was very small and sufficient only to pay for the essential landscaping, and although officers have tried to establish if there were options for the provision of a few car parking spaces, no options were identified due to planning issues and the lack of any available funding for the work.”

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