Coronavirus: England highest level of excess deaths

Paramedic from Hertfordshire tests positive for Coronavirus

Coronavirus: England highest level of excess deaths

England suffered the highest levels of above-average deaths of any country in Europe over the first half of 2020, the Office for National Statistics revealed today (Thursday, July 30).

While England did not have the highest peak – it was second to Spain – it did have the longest continuous period of excess deaths of any country compared, resulting in the highest levels of excess mortality in Europe for the period as a whole.

Scientists have said excess mortality figures are the most reliable measure of the relative impact of Covid-19.

In the UK, every region experienced excess mortality during the highest weeks in April, while other Western European countries experienced more localised excess mortality.

Looking at major cities, the ONS report said the highest peak in excess deaths was in Madrid, while in the UK, Birmingham had the highest peak excess mortality of any major British city (week ending April 17).

During a visit to North Yorkshire, Prime Minister Boris Johnson was asked if he was ashamed that England had the highest excess death rate in Europe.

He said: “We mourn every loss of life that we’ve had throughout the coronavirus epidemic.”

However he added there had been “massive success” in reducing deaths.

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