Council attempt to tackle anti-social car meets

Council attempt to tackle anti-social car meets

Council attempt to tackle anti-social car meets

Doncaster Council have announced a partnership with South Yorkshire Police in an attempt to tackle anti-social car meets.

This follows a number of incidents where residents raised concerns regarding pre-planned modified car meetings in the area.

Many of these have resulted in cruise and drag racing.

On Saturday 25 July, hundreds of people gathered at an event in the Woodfield area of Doncaster where a large number of cars were racing between B&Q and Tesco at the Woodfield Plantation.

Two cars were seized as a result.

Warning notices were also given to eight people caught driving in an anti-social manner.

These notices mean that cars can be seized if caught being driven in the same way again.

Doncaster Central Neighbourhood Inspector, Mark Payling said:

“We understand the disruption that these kind of events can cause for residents and business owners who are affected. Let me reassure you that we are taking this issue very seriously.

“My team are working with colleagues from the council and local business owners to put measures in place that will enable us to take swift action when we are made aware that a meet is taking place.

“Anyone seen to be driving recklessly or irresponsibly will be prosecuted wherever possible, they will also receive a warning notice which will give us the power to seize that, or any other vehicle they drive in an anti-social manner.

“They will then be dispersed from the area.”

Portfolio holder for Communities, Councillor Chris McGuinness, added:

“We could not be firmer in our condemnation of motorists who show blatant disregard for others in the area and their safety, in what is predominantly within residential, business, family entertainment and shopping area.

“We are working in conjunction with South Yorkshire Police to clamp down on anti-social behaviour by motorists in this area including more high visibility patrols, CCTV monitoring and intelligence sharing as well as working with residents.”

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