Tagged Scunthorpe robber caught targeting teenager

Tagged Scunthorpe robber caught targeting teenager

Tagged Scunthorpe robber caught targeting teenager

A man from Scunthorpe who was caught targeting a vulnerable teenager in a cruel robbery has been traced via his electronic tag.

Kane Staniforth, 20, of Cherry Grove in Scunthorpe, has admitted to robbery.

At around 5pm on October 16, Staniforth lured the 18-year-old, who has learning difficulties, into an alleyway before grabbing the victim’s mobile phone.

Upon realising he could be traced, Staniforth had a change of heart and discarded the phone in a bin outside a local police station.

Grimsby Crown Court heard how the defendant had targeted the same man on several occasions.

The victim refused to allow Staniforth to use the phone, which he responded to by hitting the 18-year-old in the face.

He reached into the victim’s trouser pocket and took the phone before riding away on a bicycle.

The teenager was left shaken and traumatised.

He immediately went to Scunthorpe police station.

Staniforth, who had perhaps remembered he was wearing an electronic tag, also went there and left the mobile phone on a bin outside, where it was retrieved.

He was traced by the damning evidence connected to his electronic tag, and identified from CCTV pictures.

He was subsequently arrested the next day.

It is alleged that the defendant has battled a heroin addiction since he was 15, before turning to crack cocaine.

This habit has been fuelled by theft, which have resulted in almost 80 previous offences.

Appearing at Grimsby Crown Court, tagged Scunthorpe robber Kane Staniforth received a sentence of 24 weeks on June 17 for the incident of theft during which he was caught targeting vulnerable teenager.

And, for breaching two suspended custodial sentences imposed for theft.

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