Wanted man caught cycling on motorway

Wanted man caught cycling on motorway

Wanted man caught cycling on motorway

A man wanted by South Yorkshire Police has been caught after he was spotted cycling on the hard shoulder of a motorway near Doncaster.

The man was wanted by police after being recalled to prison to finish a sentence.

He was caught after officers spotted him cycling along a stretch of the A1M.

Attached to his bicycle was a trailer displaying a sign saying “Heading to Dorset. Can anyone help”.

South Yorkshire Police’s Operational Support department reported the incident via Facebook:

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said:

“If you are wanted on a recall to prison warrant, maybe consider not drawing quite so much attention to yourself by cycling on the hard shoulder of the A1M with a trailer advertising where you are going to and telling cops and Highways you will ‘carry on regardless.”

The man was arrested at the scene and returned to prison.

Yesterday, South Yorkshire Police also reported finally having caught wanted man Terrance Gaskin, 26, who was also wanted on recall to prison.

He is believed to have been actively evading police capture, but has now been returned to custody.

The motorway cyclist has not been named, and it is currently unclear if the two incidents are connected.

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