Officers gain entry into transformed Wootton Bassett police station

Officers gain entry into transformed Wootton Bassett police station

Officers gain entry into transformed Wootton Bassett police station

Royal Wootton Bassett has reopened its police station today (Thursday) after a £600,000 refurbishment.

The station has been closed since October last year, while it underwent major work.

The anticipated date for re-opening was initially in the spring, but this was delayed due to complications during the Covid-19 outbreak.

The building has been transformed into an open plan office space with a dedicated refreshment and locker area. New windows have been installed, a new roof fitted, the old garages removed, parking extended, the green areas of the site have been enhanced, as well as usual cosmetic improvements made.

Inspector Doug Downing for Royal Wootton Bassett said: “Officers usually based at the station have been temporarily relocated to local touchdown facilities at both the Town Council offices during the day and the fire station offering 24/7 access, which has been really helpful.

“Usual briefings at the start of officers’ shifts have been taking place from Malmesbury Police Station, which has also been utilised for admin and comfort breaks, prior to patrolling the local area.

“I am confident that the local community have retained a continued service and reassuring police presence throughout the improvements being undertaken, but we are pleased to be getting back to our new and improved site.”

Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police Kier Pritchard added: “Together with the Police and Crime Commissioner, all our sites were reviewed and assessed. As an integral hub for the area, Royal Wootton Bassett required significant investment to remain suitable for 21st century policing.

“This is the latest phase of the plan and it’s great to see the station finished and staff settling in, utilising the space. It’s a huge improvement for our officers and for any members of the public who need to meet here.”

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