Continental atmosphere comes to Southsea shopping street

Continental atmosphere comes to Southsea shopping street

Palmerston Road (South) will be temporarily shut off under Covid-19 legislation to support on-street seated dining.

This will also help to support the economic recovery of local businesses.

The idea for the scheme initially came from a group of independent traders in the road and then was developed based on feedback from other residents and businesses.

The road was closed on Friday for work to take place ready for businesses to start using the extra space from yesterday (Saturday).

Details of the scheme are:

  1. Temporary closure of Palmerston Road South to enable social distancing from its junction with Villiers Road to Osborne Road, except for deliveries prior to 11am.
  2. Temporary suspension of one way on Villiers Rd from the Vale to its junction with Palm Court to enable access to disabled and resident parking. Bollards will be installed to prevent access from Villiers Road onto Palmerston Road.
  3. Moving the loading bay to from the junction with Auckland Road West to a new temporary loading bay by the junction with Villiers Road.
  4. The introduction of a pass point to support a social distancing pass point adjacent to Bonita’s, Soprano’s and Meat and Barrel.
  5. The establishment of a trade association with the support of Shaping Portsmouth to enable businesses in Palmerston Road South to work together to make the most of this opportunity.

Cllr Steve Pitt, Portsmouth City Council’s Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Culture, Leisure and Economic Development, said: “We are pleased we have been able to work with businesses to support their idea of a more continental style atmosphere on the street as part of our commitment to support the economic recovery of local businesses.

“We appreciate as with all new schemes, some people have concerns and we have tried hard to address these when developing the plans.

“As part of the consultations, residents reported some previous issues with antisocial behaviour and we are hoping that closing the road to traffic and prioritising seated eating and drinking, will have a positive impact, helping to create a relaxed atmosphere.

“As a scheme that is being implemented in response to identified need in respect of Covid-19 we will be continually monitoring this temporary scheme on a monthly basis.”

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