Winterton Grand Bonfire & Fireworks display cancelled

Winterton Grand Bonfire & Fireworks display cancelled

Winterton Grand Bonfire & Fireworks display cancelled

This years Winterton Grand Bonfire & Fireworks display has sadly been cancelled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The event, which usually takes place in November, is organised by the Winterton Agricultural Society.

Due to take place this July, the Winterton Agricultural Show was also cancelled because of the pandemic.

Discussing the decision, committee member Nigel Ogg said:

“Sadly this years Grand Bonfire is cancelled. The rules at the moment would not allow a large gathering of this kind.

“The idea of a drive-in type event does have rules attached – people are not allowed to get out of their vehicles. If people did leave their vehicles in the dark this would make it very difficult to monitor.

“Food would make people want to get out of their vehicles so again not allowed.

“I agree that our schools have done a brilliant job of trying to keep our children safe. The school environment is controlled with very low numbers and plenty of teaching support.

“The Bonfire attracts hundreds of visitors with different ideas on social distancing!

“This could create a serious health and safety problem for us all.

“My other concern is that we would still attract people from Winterton walking to the edge of the ground , causing large crowds who are not social distancing.

“We would not get all the cars in, therefore the streets of Winterton would be congested and we would be in trouble with the emergency services.”

He said that the society have every intention of organising another event once restrictions have been eased.

But, Mr Ogg also added that the society have a “responsibility to protect the public and ourselves.”

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