Action to tackle youth crime in Hull


Action to tackle youth crime in Hull

Hull City Council have announced a new partnership with Humberside Police, the Safer Hull Community Safety Partnership and charity Revolving Doors Agency.

This new initiative is being launched in an attempt to tackle and divert criminal behaviour in Hull’s young people.

Over the last year, Humberside Police dealt with 16,619 non-violent and petty crimes such as theft and minor drug offences.

Just 5% of offenders were given meaningful diversionary or educational activity or an out of court disposal, highlighting a missed opportunity to divert criminal behaviour.

Studies have shown that preventative measures such as support services and restorative approaches have reduced the number of children entering the criminal justice system in the first place.

Unfortunately, these approaches tend to cut off sharply at the age of 18, regardless of the individual’s maturity or level of need.

Discussing this new course of action to tackle youth crime in Hull, PPC Keith Hunter said:

“If we can successfully intervene to prevent young people embarking on what could be a lifetime of creating victims by persistent re-offending we are benefitting everyone.

“The young person themselves can become a productive member of society and the upset and costs associated with being a victim of even relatively minor crime can be avoided for many people.

“The costs and consequences of mass imprisonment of these persistent offenders can also be avoided allowing prison to be used to punish and rehabilitate more serious offenders more effectively.

“I’m very happy to support this project and look forward to its conclusions.”

Tracy Harsley, assistant director for children, young people and families at Hull City Council added:

“The Safer Hull partnership are looking forward to working with Revolving Doors Agency to understand the underlying needs of young people leaving care and how these needs can leave them vulnerable to repeat contact with the criminal justice system.

“Through partnership, we can collectively develop processes that deliver better outcomes for our vulnerable young adults in the city.”


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