Local police officers to feature on Channel 5 documentary

Local police officers to feature on Channel 5 documentary

Local police officers to feature on Channel 5 documentary

Chief Constable Lee Freeman is set to appear on the Channel 5 documentary ‘Police Code Zero: Officer Under Attack’ from 9pm tonight.

Interviews with several other patrol officers will follow in next week’s episode.

The documentary series exposes the dangerous situations faced by our nation’s police forces, and discusses the impact of assaults on emergency workers.
It features shocking first hand accounts of the emotional toll of such incidents.

Assaults against officers have become more prevalent in recent months, with increasingly tougher punishments being enforced.

Speaking earlier this month, Deputy Chief Constable Chris Rowley said:

“Over the course of this weekend our officers have been bitten, hit in the face and assaulted – and it’s not something we will accept.

“Our officers and staff come to work to protect people and keep you safe and I want to make it absolutely clear that we will not tolerate them being attacked just for doing their job.

“Anyone who thinks they can get away with assaulting emergency services workers should think again. We will always look to take action and seek prosecution for those individuals who commit such offences.”

Humberside Police Chief Constable Lee Freeman has already spoken out on a number of occasions, making it clear that such attacks are not acceptable.

This documentary is part of his ongoing commitment to highlighting the issue.

On Wednesday, 26 August, the documentary series will feature an attack on three police officers who were called to deal with an incident whilst working in Scunthorpe.

PCs Kayleigh Moody, Emma Beck and James Dixon talk openly about the incident and the impact that attacks have on them, their colleagues and their family.

Humberside Police have released the following preview: