Video footage sparks UFO mystery in Doncaster

Investigators reveal Doncaster UFO verdict

Video footage sparks UFO mystery in Doncaster

Mysterious footage of an object flying near to Doncaster Sheffield airport has sparked confusion regarding the nature and origin of the UFO.

On August 10, Andrew Pollard, alongside his young son, had attended the airport to watch and record aircrafts as they landed.

Reviewing their footage, Andrew noticed the unidentified object flying across his screen a few seconds into the video.

He contacted the airport, who despite their interest in the object, also had no idea where it came from or what it was.

Andrew, who has taken part in several ghost-hunt investigations, said:

“I must have recorded it at the wrong speed, and just before I deleted it, I saw what looked like a rod flying across. It’s really strange. Someone freeze framed it and it looked like a disc.

“I contacted the airport about it and I think they’re quite interested in it.

“I’ve not got a vast knowledge about this sort of thing, but maybe it could be a UFO? It’s really unusual.

“If I’d filmed it at full speed, I don’t think I would have noticed it.

“But I investigate ghosts, not UFOs.

“I would have been really happy if it had been a ghostly figure I’d filmed by mistake. I’d really like some feedback on what it might be.”

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