Local hero recognised at civic reception

Local hero recognised at civic reception

Local hero recognised at civic reception

Local hero Zane Powles has been recognised for his fundraising efforts and support of the community throughout the ongoing crisis.

During the peak of the coronavirus pandemic, Powles walked several miles every day delivering school meals to children isolating at home, to ensure that the closure of schools did not meant local children went hungry.

He hand-delivered over 7,500 school meals.

He also cycled 1,300 miles raising money to support families in need in North East Lincolnshire.

Mr Powles raised over £8,400.

Speaking last month, Zane Powles told the PA News Agency:

“When lockdown happened 17 weeks ago now, I was really concerned about our children.

“We have some quite vulnerable children at our school, and some really vulnerable children at our school.

“I’ve been inundated with support from the families we deliver to, and also the community as a whole.

“I won’t be delivering free school meals to the children any more but I will be campaigning for free school meals, certainly through the holidays, it’s then that they need more support because they’re not in a safe space like school.

“Our motto is ‘the school that cares’, and hopefully we’ve showed the children that we care for them in school, and we care for them when they’re not in school.”

Today, a civic reception has taken place at Grimsby Town Hall to thank Mr Powles for his efforts.

His selfless actions have hit the media locally, regionally, nationally, and even on an international scale.

Deputy Mayor, Councillor Hasthorpe, said:

“I’d like to offer my sincere thanks to Mr Powles for all his efforts in supporting our community during the pandemic, as well as the amazing charity fundraising work he has done too.

“He thoroughly deserves all the recognition he receives after becoming a local hero to many people in North East Lincolnshire.”

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