Action to enforce mask-wearing in schools

Action to enforce mask-wearing in schools

Action to enforce mask-wearing in schools

Just hours after it was announced that school children in Scotland will be expected to wear masks in certain areas of schools, the Welsh government have launched a review into the situation.

Pupils aged 5 and above will also be required to wear face masks on school buses in Scotland, in light of the coronavirus crisis.

These new developments place further pressure on Boris Johnson to take action and enforce mask-wearing in English schools.

Currently, face masks are not being recommended to English school children, with social bubbles being formed instead.

Downing Street has it said there are “no plans” to change the current advice, as it is taking other measures.

On Tuesday, Mr Johnson said:

“All of our scientific advice is that schools are safe.

“We will look at changing medical evidence as we go on – if we need to change advice of course we will.”

Conservative MP Marcus Fysh added:

“Masks should be banned in schools.

“The country should be getting back to normal not pandering to this scientifically illiterate guff.”

The current recommendation from the World Health Organisation has stated that children aged 12 and over should wear masks.

Speaking to Sky News, WHO spokesperson Margaret Harris said:

“The really important point here is what happens in the schools, the decisions in the schools, are something that should be made by the local authorities in conjunction with the teachers and the parents in each area.

“Because what you need to be very aware of is, what is the transmission status? What is actually going on in your community?

“So the first thing we’re saying is: really understand your transmission.”

“If there are really enclosed environments, if you really cannot ensure good ventilation, [and] you cannot make it possible for them to physically distance more than a metre apart, then the wearing of masks may be something you add to the armoury.”

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