KFC tells customers to ignore slogan due to Covid-19

KFC has suspended its “Finger Lickin’ Good” slogan due to the current hygiene advice because of coronavirus.

The fried chicken chain said it would not be using the slogan for the first time in 64 years because it “doesn’t quite feel right”.

“We find ourselves in a unique situation – having an iconic slogan that doesn’t quite fit in the current environment,” Catherine Tan-Gillespie, global chief marketing officer at KFC told CNN.

However the fast-food chain released a statement assuring customers that the menu would not be changing and the famous slogan will return when the “time is right.”

The move comes after people have been advised against touching their eyes, noses and mouths amid Covid-19.

In a YouTube video shared to the company’s UK and Ireland account following the announcement, KFC blurred the slogan on old billboards and buckets of chicken.

“That thing we always say? Ignore it. For now,” the video reads.

On social media, KFC’s announcement was met mostly with confusion, with many suggesting the decision was unnecessary.

“This is stupid. I believe it’s implied that the slogan refers to one’s own fingers,” one person tweeted, while another said: “Really? Isn’t that a little too much.”