Ongoing works on Humber Bridge

Humber Bridge

Ongoing works on Humber Bridge

Works are set to continue on the Humber Bridge this week following a period of disruption due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic and difficult weather conditions.

Routine cable inspections will be taking place on the Humber Bridge this week, meaning that those travelling across may see people working on the cables above.

A spokesperson for the bridge said:

“Please be assured that they are specialist contractors who have been appointed to do the job and they are meant to be there.”

Responding to the ongoing works, one motorist said:

“When will the all the work be finished?

“I use the bridge every day for work and I wonder when it will be cone free?”

A spokesperson confirmed that delays had been caused due to weather and the pandemic, but was unable to provide a completion date.

A walkway user also questioned when both paths would be expected to reopen, with several others claiming the closure makes social distancing increasingly difficult:

“Do you know when both walkways will be open?

“Sometimes the amount of walkers, cyclists and groups all using the same side can be dangerous.

“Especially with cyclists and walkers sharing such a confined space…”

Humber Bridge responded:

“Due to repair work on the lifts in both towers, and the ongoing works at Barton Tower, we are having so close the footpaths intermittently for the safety of the public and staff.

“Please be assured that we are looking for opportunities to have both footpaths open while encouraging all users to comply with social distancing.”

Due to weather conditions, Humber Bridge is currently open to all traffic, except for abnormal loads wider than 4 metres (13.1 feet) or heavier than 44 tonnes.