The future of economic recovery in Doncaster

The future of economic recovery in Doncaster

The future of economic recovery in Doncaster

Certain cities in Yorkshire have begun to thrive again since lockdown ended, but others face a long road of economic recovery.

Alongside York and Hull, Doncaster has seen a large economic boost.

This is in part due to government initiatives such as the ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ scheme.

New data shows that in Doncaster ‘Eat Out To Help Out’ has boosted footfall on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights by 20%, the forth highest increase in the UK.

Doncaster’s Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday night footfall has now returned to 82% of pre-lockdown levels.

Centre for Cities’ chief executive, Andrew Carter, said:

“Good weather and the Eat Out to Help Out Scheme have helped increase the number of visitors to city and town centres, but a question mark remains over whether the footfall increase that we have seen this summer can be sustained into the autumn without the good weather and Government incentive – particularly with so many people still working from home.

“Shops, restaurants and pubs face an uncertain future while office workers remain at home.

“So, in the absence of a big increase in people returning to the office, the Government must set out how it will support the people working in city centre retail and hospitality who could well find themselves out of a job by Christmas.”
Leaders of local government across South Yorkshire have said the government assistance is vital in aiding the regions economic recovery.

Doncaster Council mayor, Ros Jones, said:

“Boris Johnson has promised to level-up the North, Doncaster and South Yorkshire is ready and waiting for investment, to support our residents, communities and businesses to recover from the pandemic both socially and economically.

“The next six months will be a challenge, as we continue with the ‘new normal’, whilst doing what we can to prevent a second peak, all whilst we shape our path out of the European Union.

“We have an opportunity to rebuild our economy to be cleaner, greener, stronger and more resilient. I ask of central government to give us the powers and the resources and we will do the job.”

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