Lincoln bike thefts explained

Lincoln bike thefts explained

Lincoln bike thefts explained

Lincolnshire Police are investigating after 21 bikes were reported stolen in separate incidents across Lincoln last month.

They now think they have found a reason behind the increase.

They say that increased demand and delays in manufacturing bicycles due to the coronavirus pandemic, has driven the price of second-hand bikes up.

Just two of the stolen bikes have been recovered.

Officers are now using CCTV images to identify suspects and make arrests.

So far, four arrests have been made.

Phil Baker, Chief Inspector for Lincolnshire Police said:

“There are three hotspots in Lincoln which bike thieves look to target – the St Mark’s area, the university campus and the city centre itself.

“Over recent weeks 21 bikes have been stolen so we committed extra officers to finding those responsible and recovering people’s property. 

“We have made four arrests, charged two of these people and recovered a number of bikes.

“This was achieved thanks to our ‘NC14 response team’ which used to be known as the Evita Team who helped to police the night time economy and tackle substance misuse.

“While it is a great time to take extra exercise and purchase a new bike, please make sure you invest in a good quality lock which cannot be easily removed.

“We will continue to try and reduce to chances of your bike being targeted in the first place too, which may include placing bikes in the hotspots with tracking devices.”

Police have warned residents to invest in a good quality lock while they investigate further in an attempt to try to clamp down on the thefts.


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