Young people blamed for rise in Covid-19 cases

Young people blamed for rise in Covid-19 cases

Young people blamed for rise in Covid-19 cases

Health Secretary Matt Hancock has alleged that young people are driving the rise in Covid-19 cases, as the UK reports its highest daily rise since May.

Recent figures have sparked concerns around a second wave.

A third of all cases in England last week were people aged between 20 and 29.

There are further concerns that as university students begin to return to classrooms, social distancing will become increasingly problematic and cases will increase again.

Several schools across the country have also reported cases since reopening last week.

Hancock claimed that under-25s, particularly those aged between 17 to 21, accounted for a large number of positive coronavirus cases.

Speaking to LBC this morning, he said:

“The rise in the number of cases we’ve seen in the last few days is largely among younger people.

“It is important for everybody to wash their hands, to follow social distancing. It’s ‘hands, face, space’, as in wash your hands, cover your face when appropriate and stay two metres apart where appropriate, or one-metre plus.

“We will take action if people go to big social events that are completely inappropriate, sadly, in a time of coronavirus.”

He added that despite earlier rises in more deprived areas of he country, it is “actually among more affluent younger people where we have seen the rise.”

The health secretary stressed how serious coronavirus can be for young people, even though statistically they are less likely to fall seriously ill.

Hancock added that he would expect to see a vaccine early next year, with the UK agreeing a 30m dose contract with AstraZeneca.

The daily figure of 2,988 is the highest since 23 May.

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