Experts warn of upcoming Covid-19 spike

Experts warn of upcoming Covid-19 spike

Experts warn of upcoming Covid-19 spike

Health experts in the UK have warned of a new Covid-19 spike which is expected to hit in around 6 to 8 weeks.

Dr Hilary Jones has said that the UK is not far behind France, which has recorded the daily record of new coronavirus cases.

It has also been announced that the government are planning to reduce the number of people permitted to gather in buildings this week.

2,948 new cases were recorded in the UK on Monday.

Meanwhile on Friday, France registered 8,975 new cases of coronavirus.

This is an increase of almost 1,500, compared to the previous high of 7,578 in March.

Dr Jones said:

“Unfortunately younger people feel that they are invulnerable, that they are not going to be effected by Covid-19, and some even deny that the virus exists.

“Now in France, and exponential rise in the last few weeks. That is now being mirrored by hospitalisations and deaths.

“We are six to eight weeks behind France and Spain.

“Spain has eight times the number of cases per 100,000 population, and France four times our rate, but we’re going to follow suit.

“We will be there in six to eight weeks, unless people abide by the guidelines.”

People across England are currently unable to get coronavirus tests because due to the increased demand.
NHS laboratories have reached a “critical pinch-point” in processing them, according to Sarah-Jane Marsh, the director of testing at NHS Test and Trace.

A spokesperson for the department of Health and Social Care said:

“Hundreds of thousands of people are being tested every day and new booking slots and home testing kits are being made available daily.

“There is a high demand for tests and to help stop the spread of the virus we are targeting testing capacity at the areas that need it most, including those where there is an outbreak, as well as prioritising at-risk groups.

“We have the capacity to test for coronavirus at an unprecedented scale. We are expanding capacity to 500,000 tests a day by the end of October, increasing the number of testing sites and bringing in new technology to process results faster.”

On Sunday 2,988 new UK cases were announced.

This is the highest recorded figure since 22 May.

But, the number of recorded deaths is also at its lowest point since March, with a total of 101 Covid-19 related deaths registered in England and Wales in the final week of August, according to the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Delays in processing tests and discrepancies between the official figures and those recorded by GP practices have caused concerns around the true figure of UK cases and where we are headed in the winter months.

Housing Secretary Robert Jenrick added that the UK is entering a period of “particular concern”.

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