Notice issued to Boating Lake travellers

Notice issued to Boating Lake travellers

Notice issued to Boating Lake travellers

The council have begun to enforce legal action to force travellers off local sites.

A notice of eviction was issued to the travellers currently occupying the Boating Lake in Cleethorpes this morning.

This comes after one such group were evicted from the fields at King George V Stadium in Weelsby Road.

They have been given 24 hours to comply, and to remove all occupants and vehicles from the site.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, Portfolio Holder for Safer and Stronger Communities at North East Lincolnshire Council, told Gi Media:

“Notice has been served to every vehicle, including all commercial vehicles and caravans, as well as their occupants.

“If they have not moved within 24hrs bailiffs will be instructed to remove them and their belongings.

“We need to be taking robust action against people illegally occupying private and public spaces, which we are.

“Although they left behind a lot of debris, those who were served warrants at king George yesterday left promptly, and do not appear to have resettled in the area.”

Notice issued to Boating Lake travellers Notice issued to Boating Lake travellers 

As the notice has been issued on a Friday, it is likely that the removal will take place in a staggered approach.

Bailiffs will be on standby on Monday morning, according to the council.

Until then “they will be monitored by both the council and the police,” he added.

It has also been confirmed that several sites around the borough are under consideration as designated stops for travellers.

Councillor Shepherd continued:

“Negotiations are ongoing. 

“One of the primary issues we have is that authorities have to provide travellers with services such as schools and doctors.

“But, overwhelmingly they prefer to be left alone and to police themselves.”

A council spokesperson added:

“There is a strict process to follow in establishing a Designated Stopover Site.

“We recently completed a technical consultation on the shortlist of five sites.

“We have commissioned a review of the needs assessment to ensure our demand for places is based on the most current information.

“Once this is complete we can consider the feedback from both and review the next steps.”

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