Make the most of Tuesday!

Make the most of Tuesday! weather

Make the most of Tuesday!

The good weather in the Scunthorpe area is set to continue tomorrow (Tuesday) when it will continue to be warm with light winds. Dry for most, hazy sunshine will be a treat through the morning after any mist or fog clears. Cloud thickening during the afternoon could bring a little rain if we are unlucky. Maximum temperature 24 °C, according to the Met Office.

The outlook for Wednesday is breezier and much cooler. Maximum temperature 18 °C around lunchtime.

It will be rather cloudy and breezy on Thursday, but with some sunny spells. Maximum temperature 16 °C in the afternoon.

More sunshine is expected by Friday, with lighter winds, and the temperature should get back up to 18 °C.

The weekend is looking like a mixture of sunny intervals and cloud, with no rain currently forecast. Temperatures are unlikely to get higher than 16 °C.

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